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Impression Management

Ever wanted to know how to make a great first impression, or how to make sure you're seen as the person of influence in a room? Impression management is the perfect first step in making that happen. In this book I will share practical and implementable advice from my years helping NFL players, TV Stars, and every day folks make a great impression no matter where they are!

Dining Etiquette

We often forget that body language is an important part of presenting ourselves. This is especially true at the dining room table. Dining etiquette is noticed and humans will subconsciously hold you in a better light when they notice this etiquette. In this book I am going to teach you the simple things you can immediately implement to impress at the dining room table no matter what age you are.

Thank You Notes

The art of thank you notes has been eroded with the rise of digital communication. All the more reason to master the art. When was the last time you got a thank you note? It's probably been a while... So why not light someone else's day up with a note? In this book I am going to expose the art of thank you notes, how to properly write them, and use them to achieve better results with.

About Helen Perry

Helen Perry facilitates people. An expert in the field of presentation, she guides individuals and groups with a keen eye, quick wit and a highly effective approach. As a Corporate and Personal Image Consultant and Humorist since 1983, she has served numerous corporations such as McKinsey & Co., Baker Botts, The Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, Merrill Lynch, Deloitte and Tiffany & Co. She has spoken on rosters with Colin Powell and Dr. Ruth, is frequently quoted in publications such as The Houston Chronicle, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal and has done extensive television interviews on all major networks. Her Professional Awareness Training includes seminars on professional attire for the workplace – “Business Casual-What It Is and What It Isn’t”, Telephone Technique, Customer Service, Non-verbal Communication and Etiquette. As a keynote speaker, she is appreciated for her unique use of humor that makes audiences regale with laughter at simple human idiosyncrasies and leaves them begging for more. With her individual clients, she starts in the closet. Within hours she guides them to a lifestyle of Stress-free Dressing – and they never looked better! Whether in your closet, company convention, department store or a training session, Helen Perry sees the best in you and, in no time, your customers, friends and colleagues will too.

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has a rare gift for compressing vast and essential wisdom into a very few words. For years, she has worked her magic with grateful colleagues of mine. Helen is always willing to learn, always eager or teach.

Long Time Governmental Officer

We have been honored to work with Helen throughout the years, holding classes at Tony's. She has done a beautiful job combining valuable information in an extremely clean, clear format.

Donna Vallone

Owner, Tony's Houston

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